Producing Social Media Content: BTS with Frontier Airlines

Producing is a broad term. Thanks to the guild vs. union a producing credit can be issued to anyone from the actual boots-on-the-ground producer to the actor wanting “backend” credits, to the family friend who chipped in a few bucks to your project for a (or one of many) “co-executive producer” credit. My title as producer for one of our Clients ranges from a strong manger form a far to the hands on writer, producer, director role. This is a sample of how our team works.

In 2018, LAMP Media Productions had the opportunity to work with Frontier Airlines to create a social media campaign promoting opening markets in San Antonio and Austin. They contacted us to help with the shoot and edits, along with some creative input. Producing for a social media campaign was a new frontier (no pun intended) for us, but we were excited to join Frontier Airlines in creating these videos. Overall, this was a very fun shoot, and plus we had to work with a 7-foot bear. How cool is that?!

Pre-Production – Video production beginnings:

Upon first contact, we were asked to help brainstorm ideas for having this bear walk through San Antonio and Austin and interact with the demographic, in hopes that this campaign will increase patronage for Frontier Airlines. Andrew had  fun coming up with ideas for situations the bear would find himself in when visiting these locations.

First Day of a video production shoot

Shooting was as easy as you would assume when you’re working with a 7-foot animatronic bear, but of course it was very adventurous. On Wednesday night we began our shoot on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Our footage of the bear interacting with San Antonians came out great, of course we had to get him on a river boat, it’s only right! The next day we shot at the San Antonio Zoo, and although it was a little hot, we powered through the shoot and the crowd adored the bear! There is some great footage of the bear dancing with patrons.

Second-Day of a video production shoot

Thursday morning we shot in the San Antonio International Airport, and the bear was a hit! The #Frontierbear was dancing with the children, and messing with people who were trying to sleep. Overall, the Frontier bear interacting with patrons of the airport made for some great footage. People were coming from all over to see him!

Thursday night we were in Austin, Texas to film in the iconic 6th Street. It was a lot getting a really big bear to bar hop and walk down the crowded street, but he was great! The bear was a total hit, and the scenes that we have of the bear acting like a person enjoying themselves on 6th Street are hilarious!

Third-Day of a video production shoot

On the fourth day of shooting Andrew was able to get some great footage of Frontier Airlines volunteering at a local shelter. They really show that they are ready to involve themselves in communities that they offer their services in. Producing this commercial was a great time.

Check out the final product

Wrapping up this shoot and collaborating with other video production professionals was our favorite part! We were able to craft some amazing videos for Frontier Airlines. Check out the final product below and let us know what you think!

If you are looking for video production, film production, location scouting, or producer services in Texas, be sure to request a quote from LAMP Media Productions!

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