Originality VS. Recycling Magic : Why?


“Originality” is a concept that is drastically overlooked. I watched and listened to a diverse group of individuals explode with original creative ideas in my educational and personal life. However, from what I have been seeing recently, originality is being actively sacrificed in film–pushed away for a product that guarantees one thing: Safety in the remake.

The Question

Recently, a trailer for the live action remake “The Lion King” was just released unto the world. Film buffs and Disney fans got to see a teaser of what they are in for. Some were probably excited, but some others, including me, asked “Why?”. I remember the original “Lion King”. When I was younger, I watched that movie religiously. It is one of many films that inspired me to become a filmmaker. A timeless film, put into our National Library of Congress for its cultural significance.

So why recreate something that has already left its mark and significance in cinema?

The Irony

The Lion King is one of many examples. The beginning of what will become a continuing trend. The irony is that these remakes all stem from an original idea. Overall, these stories rely on little expansion, rather they are simply recycled for nostalgia sake. For example, watching the Beauty and the Beast, I saw a recreation that showed it suffered from limitations of being live action. With the live action Dumbo and Aladdin remakes coming out soon, and I’m afraid they’ll suffer the same problem.

The Trend

And we are getting so many of them that the trend is blatantly visible. Similarly, it’s the equivalent of how many Marvel and Star Wars movies are put out each year. Meanwhile, Disney has a monopoly on those properties as well.

However, this isn’t a lash against Disney. Movies continue to give people in the industry jobs. Large budget features keep the act of going to a theater alive. But must we sacrifice originality to essentially repeat a golden age of movie going?

Written & Opinion By: Michael Davis

Edited by: L.A.M.P. Media Productions

2 thoughts on “Originality VS. Recycling Magic : Why?”

  1. Trey you are right on.
    When there is a remake of a movie, it rarely has the same impact as the original movie.
    However, we record or purchase a movie so that it may be viewed more that once.
    Keep your creative lines of thought.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, you have a good point. Maybe we should do a post on our fav personal collections!

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