Family Business: The Naming of LAMP Media Productions

Family Business reigns true. Megin and Andrew met while working together on the film “Not Fade Away” in New York City roughly seven years into their careers. After much effort by Andrew, and Megin relocating to Brooklyn from her beloved Manhattan, the two were married in a beautiful beach ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

Forming a Family Business

The pair knew early on they wanted to create a production company for themselves. Megin had started Producing a few months after they first started dating. Andrew had vast experience in Locations, had written several scripts, directed a short film and had developed a great eye behind the camera. Both graduated film school years prior. Andrew holds a degree the University of Texas, Austin. Megin, by way of The University of Miami.

Evolution of naming LAMP

The initial idea for the name was “AMP” Productions. Andrew & Megin Poppoon. Megin proudly came up with, not knowing there are many companies with the same name. Next, comes baby. Olivia Jane Poppoon “Livi” was born November 2014. Nine months later the small family moved to Andrew’s hometown. San Antonio is where they officially filed the LLC.

The family welcomed Margot James Poppoon “Maggie” on August 19th 2017. As a result, the name now stands for Livi And Maggie Poppoon. And if she ever asks, that was the plan all along.

Branding LAMP

Megin and Andrew worked closely with Jayne Says Designs to create the LAMP Media Productions logo. They wanted a tripod with camera on top for the “A” to identify what they do. The orange is a nod to Andrew's beloved alma mater. Originally the duo choose Livi to be part of the Logo. Remember, this was 2015 before Maggie. They did a great photo shoot with Anna Monette Photography. Andrew served as the DP and brought the camera along to organically capture Livi in action. On the spot he decided to have Livi act out kissing the (LED not hot!) light on the “lamp”. LAMP's moving image was created on the spot. You will find branding photos throughout LAMP’s social media. One of these days they need to put Maggie to work.

livi photo

The End

With no more kids on the schedule, there you have it. You
will find glimpses of the family together or candid images on Instagram. Megin
and Andrew moved to San Antonio to work together and enjoy family. That's just
what they did.



Photography by Anna Monette Photography

By Megin Boyles-Poppoon

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