Marketing World: Post Grad Advice to My Peers by Cristian Saldivar

Marketing career, post-graduation, is scarier than expected. With my graduation ceremony finally behind me, I have begun to look into potential jobs that would best suit me. Although my internship with L.A.M.P. Media Productions has focused heavily on production, something I enjoy, I want to pursue a career in Marketing. This has been a passion of mine for years. However, following graduation, it has become evident that finding a job is harder than I initially thought.

Megin Boyles and Criatian of LAMP Media Productions
Megin and (Marketing Major) Cristian (intern) of LAMP Media Productions at the 2017 Holiday Party

Marketing Positions

Many companies positions know to how to, well, market themselves. They often post a marketing position, or a “Brand Manager”, in reality it is a salesperson on the floor of a COSTCO. This is not in any way to serve as a jab at people who are in sales. But, for the companies that want you to sell products, and work type advertised. These posts can be very misleading. I have studied for years and have clear career goals. Sales, in terms of face-to-face interaction and up-selling a product, is not what I pursued.

Do Your Research

This serves as a cautious reminder to all of the post-undergrad students out there entering the job market. Do thorough research on a company that contacts you. Before confirming an interview, or before going in for an interview- research. It is important to understand a company’s values, do they align with yours? What is the position? Is it actually what you expect?

Written by Cristian Saldivar, 2017-2019 Intern. (Now fully employed in a Marketing Position in Corpus Christie).

NOTE: Cristian Saldivar is now a working professional. You can find samples of his work on his self-created website We are proud of the hardest-working intern and cannot wait to see what you do next! - Megin Boyles, LAMP Media Productions

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